Gentle Giant R2-D2 STAR WARS Kenner Retro 12inch Figure


R2-D2 retro very complete reproduction ! .

Lucas Film and Gentle Giant gives it , a new format “retro Kenner ” series .

As a series sixth wave of buzz , R2-D2 is a lineup from ” Hope Episode IV / new ” . What , “retro Kenner ” series , reprinted in full in the big size of 12 inches , 3.75 inch action figure series of first sale was started in 1978 from Kenner 's .

Action Figure 3 places movable Height approx 19cm reproduces thoroughly of course , such as stamp and trademark mold of the original figure , even the card that comes with the blister .

Back even further feelings , was introduced the 12 bodies early at launch , 12 of the collector back tears of gratitude .

Specifications also figure card is also housed in the blister pack is removable , it is nice points .

The beautifully reproduced was released initially , the modeling tasteful astromech droid , the R2-D2.

Gimmick that clicking sound is heard when turning the head is also mounted .

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