SHIMANO 13 Biomaster SW 8000PG Spinning Reel Japan New 031624 03162 5SE33P084


Gear ratio: 4.8
Practical drag force: 88.2N / 9.0kg
Maximum drag force: 127.4N / 13.0kg
Own weight: 550g
Spool dimensions: 59 / 23.8mm
Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 5-275 / 6-230 / 8-160
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 3-410 / 4-300 / 5-250
Maximum winding superiors (1 per rotation handle): 89cm
Handle length: 70mm
Bearing number (S A-RB / Roller): 6/1
Handle shank Color: Dark Blue Gray
Power handle knob shape: Egg type
Carbon drag washer
Ultra duralumin cold forging gear
Hybrid aluminum body
Power handle knob

Is equipped with “X-SHIP” which enables the winding strong increase the power transfer efficiency of the gear portion. Gear is composed of a “super-duralumin cold forging gear” and “ultra-high-strength brass pinion gear”, defend it to the powerful high rigidity hybrid aluminum body. In addition, the drag washer is highly durable carbon drag washer, handle knob is equipped with a power round knob easy to focus, we have a strong high durability of SW specification. NEW Biomaster SW, it is the beginning of a new story.

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