SKULL×SKULL ZOMBIE Original handmade Lure



This is produced on order so it takes about 45 days from the day the order is placed to ship out.

*Photos may differ slightly from actual products.
*The color of the photos may differ slightly from this product.
*This product has a limited number of scheduled quantity. We may end the order request on an earlier date.
*The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ.

“PENCILBAIT” by up and coming Japanese handmade lure brand REDLURES has started accepting orders!!

It has an unstable balance setting and rolls furiously sometimes. easy to swing but it has the traits of a pencil.
Please expect REDLURES in the future!!

Only 1 item per customer
※ Available 1 item per order

Made in Japan

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■ Spec
Body size: approximately 105 mm
Weight: about 22 g
Material: hard styrofoam

■ Product Description
Skating pencil; easy to handle

■ Attention
Lure uses hard styrofoam for material
Can be easily damaged when hit
Rig is connected and the lure might be damaged while being replaced, so that is a personal option.
※ The picture is under development.
Please note that design and specifications may change. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
※ This product cannot be purchased simultaneously with other products.
※ Cancellation after your order can not be accepted at all.
※ Depending on the circumstances of the production, the delivery date may change. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
※ This product has a limited number of preparations. When the number has been reached, we may stop accepting orders at an early date.
※ In case of many order requests, we may change the delivery time and accept orders again.
※ The price of this item is “limited price for the first time. The price may change when reselling.

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